Head Shots - Sydney-3I am a lover of all things relating to sexuality and the Church, and as the creator of Simply Sex(uality),  vibrant advocate of striving towards a healthy view of sexuality within the Church and Christian homes at large. Growing up in the Church and having been involved in youth ministry for the past six years, I’ve witnessed first hand how little sexuality is talked about both from the pulpit and in youth ministries and the negativity that often surrounds the few dialogues that do happen. In response to this, I launched the Simply Sex(uality) project which seeks to encourage and empower Christians and the Church to interact with the topic in a more knowledgeable, positive, and Christ-centered way.

Drawing from my experiences of sexual addiction and broken family relationships, I seek to use the story of my brokenness and redemption to bring hope and healing to others. At the same time, I desire to encourage others to talk about this topic in the Church and in their families in a new and different way.

As much as writing and blogging can be fun, I really enjoy talking to people! It could be in a one-on-one or group setting, so if you want to chat feel free to contact me!



3 thoughts on “Creator

  1. Love what you are doing here, Sydney. Bold move.
    It is indeed disheartening how ‘safe’ the church is today on this topic. In my simple opinion–they just don’t want to scare away there normal church goers and loos their population (just my thought). Anyways, keep this up! We help others by becoming vulnerable and expressing that vulnerability.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Savannah! I really like the concept of your blog as well. Blessings on you as you finish school and enter the realm of international adoption!

      • Thank you so very much, Sydney. :)! I am uber excited to see what God has in store for me to help His people!

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