Re-blog: We Saw Your Boobs (and so did God)

Fabulous post on objectification and gnosticism, among other things…what do you all think?

Sidewalk Theologian

When Seth MacFarlane did his song “We Saw Your Boobs”  about Oscar winners and female actresses who no matter how accomplished are reduced to their boobs  I thought to myself that though that song would never have been sung in a church it too closely echoed a sentiment among too many churches about women in ministry.

When I read this article Hey John Piper Is my femininity showing? it echoed sadness and frustrations I’ve had for years about how women are often viewed in the church. It reminded me of the question once asked to me by a pastor when I invited him to help me with my preaching. Wearing a then trendy poncho he asked “did you choose that outfit to cover your womanly figure?” He wasn’t asking because he was a concerned pastor worried about me being ashamed of being a woman, he was asking because I…

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