Time to Admit it: Women Like Porn Too (Published!)

I was recently published in an online magazine for 17-22 year old single women (On My Own Now). Check it out! Thoughts? Feelings? Reactions?


Time to Admit it: Women Like Porn Too by Sydney Clark (pg. 10)

Some girls when they are craving emotional intimacy from males go straight to guys. They jump from one boyfriend to the next and fill that void in their life with make-out sessions and erotic sexual behaviors. I wasn’t one of those girls. I found a much more subtle and unnoticeable (or so I thought) way of filling this void in my life—or more precisely, it found me…READ MORE


9 thoughts on “Time to Admit it: Women Like Porn Too (Published!)

  1. I love it. Very bold and open, and very brave of you. Been there, done that, sucks. Hard climb up, innit? At the end, the article said you had the Simple Sex(uality) “Project.” I knew about the blog (obviously) but what’s the project?

    • That is a most excellent question! The goal is to see a shift in the Church with regards to how sexuality is dealt with and talked about. When I say Church, I mean church leadership, Christian families (so how the conversation happens between parents and children and how the church prepares parents to have those conversations), and youth groups. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to youth groups and help youth pastors plan their relationship/”sexuality” series and would love to do more of that. I’m currently working on a Bible study for teen girls. Long term I want to write books. So I want to be a sexuality educator, consultant, speaker, writer for the Church! That is the project and this blog is the start of that. Does that make sense? What do you think?

  2. Syd, as your friend, I am proud of you for having the courage to go to counseling, the grit to stop looking at porn, and the humility to share your struggle with others. Way to go, friend! 🙂 I am only sorry I was not aware in the moment and not as understanding or supportive as I could have been. But with all my heart, I think of you and I praise God for his work in your life.

  3. Loved this article and your honesty. You have been open about something I have been hiding for years. I’m very interested in your project and would love the opportunity to donate to a project such as yours.

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