Sexuality redefined. Live free. Part II

Growing up in the Church, the language I heard regarding sexuality was always negative and condemning. It was always a list of “don’ts.”

Don’t have sex before marriage.

Don’t wake love before it’s time.

Don’t cross physical boundaries.

On and on. And not that I don’t agree with all of these, but the God I know came to set us free. Free from the shame and the guilt that so often accompanies our beliefs of sexuality and our judgments of our own “purity.”

He did not come to give us a list of rules to follow- a code of conduct to adhere to.  He came to free us from the sin that entangles us and the “religious life” that entraps us. He came to give us life to the fullest! We most closely taste true freedom when we live fully alive and fully human as he has called us to.

So in the one sense, when I say “live free” I am referring to the very real freedom that one has in following Christ- in living fully alive in all of the humanity (which includes our sexuality) that God has given us.

Jonalyn and Dale Fincher say it best, “God likes our humanity more than we do.” We are ashamed of it- ashamed of ourselves. We have to remind ourselves every day that God created our humanity, our sexuality, our flesh, that it is good (fallen yes, but still good), and that He loves it! Jesus choosing to walk this earth fully human is a testament to that fact.

I also mean be free in a very practical way. I was an addict for 8 years-  slave to my addiction. I was far from free. Some of you reading this are addicts now or know someone who is. God has also called us to be free from our addictions! The beautiful thing is that even though you don’t have the power to free yourself, He does. And he wants to free you. You are his child, He loves you, and He wants to free you. You are worth it.

To this end there is a song that has meant a lot to me the past couple of years. It is profound in its simplicity and truth. I pray that it touches you as it has touched me.

Live free.


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