Random Thought Thursdays / Sexuality

RTTs: Finding Truth in Darkness

Recently I read an article in which a man debunked the myth that women are not interested in casual sex. It was a fairly lengthy article, giving men tips on how to identify and take home a woman who was interested in a one-night stand.

A woman voiced anger after reading this article, but she could not figure out why she felt that way. A man offered the explanation that, “Society’s view that men get to view sex as a goal and women view it as a means TO a goal, is not fair.”

Okay, sure. That view is sexist and discriminatory, but I think there is a deeper reason that this woman was angry- one that is based at the core of who she is as a human being. At the core of her sexuality.

The reason she could not articulate? The whole idea of casual sex is wrong.

And this article is not only saying that it’s good, it’s giving men advice on how to get it! Since we all know that lots of men just want casual sex, let’s help them find the women that do too!

Society’s view of sex as being simply a way of gaining physical pleasure is harmful.

Sex is not merely a physical act.

Sex is not meant only for physical pleasure.

At the core of what it means to be human is the desire and necessity to be in relationship! 

Intimate relationship. This is the core of our sexuality. When sex is not in the context of relationship (a marriage relationship I might add) we’re missing out on all of the beauty and all of the pleasure and all of the wonder it has to offer!

We’re so lost, stumbling around in the darkness of our fallen nature, that sometimes we, like this woman, can’t recognize or articulate the truth- even when we feel inside that something is wrong.

How can we be more sensitive to the times God nudges us to tell us something is wrong?

How can we be more sensitive to truth in this fallen world?


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