Turn Your Sexy On!

A couple of months ago I read this blog post entitled: “Ask A Married Woman: How Did You Go From Virgin To Sexy And Seductive.”  If you’re a single woman (or perhaps a curious married one) and you haven’t read this yet, doooo it! These are the types of things I like to talk about.

I’ve often complained about the way that most girls get brought up in the Evangelical Church. Don’t seduce guys. Don’t wear revealing clothes. Don’t be sexy. You’re a girl, you don’t have sexual desires- those are reserved for guys. Because of this, I have often wondered,  “How do they expect me to turn the switch on when I get married?!”

Now that I’ve worked my way past this, sometimes I take it upon myself to “fix” this in other people.

(We’ll leave the value judgement of my actions for a later time)

There’s something you should know about me: I very, very, very rarely ever feel awkward.

I have been known to sit in silence right next to a person for hours.

I have also been known to make people say rather awkward things out loud, or at least what they perceive as awkward.

My friend reminded me of an incident like this a couple of months ago.  Last summer we worked together at a program for high school students as resident assistants (RAs). I was known as the resident sexuality enthusiast and she was known for being, lets say, “sexually shy.” About 2 or 3 weeks into our time together that summer she went shopping with me for the food for the week.

As we drove, I was asking her a lot of questions about her life and her past and we naturally got on the topic of sexuality (it always seems to happen). I decided that right then and there she was going to start the journey to sexual freedom and comfortability! It was kind of audacious of me, but she had willingly agreed to trap herself in this car with me for the duration of the trip so…

The way she remembers it, I had her yell, “I AM SEXY,” many times in my car. I don’t know if that’s completely true. I don’t recall anyone yelling anything! I did have her say it a few times in the car and then I told her she had to look at herself in the mirror everyday and say it 5 times. She also claimed that I scarred her, which is false! You should know that 1 year later we are close friends and she is doing just fine! She won’t voluntarily say “I am sexy” yet, but she will say “I look good.” That’s one step closer in my book =)

Moral of the story: If you’re also “sexually shy” (and want to stay that way), pray I never meet you.

But for real: Turn your SEXY on! And be okay with it =)

What are some ways that you turn your sexy on in your everyday life?


4 thoughts on “Turn Your Sexy On!

  1. Well let’s see… I tell myself I’m too sexy for myself and I sigh with exasperation! Almost like I’m frustrated to be so BOOM BANG good looking. Such a great way to start the day =)

    • You’re welcome! I really don’t see how Christians can’t be in favor of sexuality. Denying our sexual nature does not mean that we are any less sexual or that it somehow doesn’t exist. We are sexual beings and the fear that we have of the subject is just harming all involved. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

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