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This site was begun out of a passion for the topic of sexuality and a desire to see Christians and the Church interact with this topic in a more knowledgeable, positive, and Christ-centered way. Sexuality is a unique topic for two reasons. On the one hand, it is something that all of us have in common- we are all sexual beings! On the other hand, it is also something that is extremely personal and our understanding of it has profound impacts on how we see ourselves and others and how we view the world.

The writings and resources on this site are primarily for three audiences- young women, parents, and those interested in dialogue about sexuality. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, challenged, encouraged, and empowered!


Sexual & Single!

We’re currently focusing on how singles can express their sexuality in a God-honoring way. You can check out the intro post HERE. The rest of the series will be posted here as they’re written!

Week 1: Sensual and Single

Week 2: Embodied and Single

We would love for you to add your voice to the conversation! How are you #sexualandsingle?